Must-Have Capabilities of Data Room Providers

Must-Have Capabilities of Data Room Providers

Data room providers are indispensable in financial transactions, acquisitions, mergers, and other important business decisions that cannot be brought up to the public without careful preparation.

What Are the Most Important Capabilities of Data Room Providers?

In order to build a concept that satisfies the entire set of requirements, the data room providers have been actively developed recently, including the concepts of a security task, security means, and a security system. The protection function is a set of functionally homogeneous measures that are regularly carried out in the information system by various means and methods in order to create, maintain and provide conditions that are objectively necessary for reliable information protection.

Complete set of capabilities of data room providers:

  • Prevention of the emergence of conditions conducive to the emergence of destabilizing factors;
  • Prevention of direct manifestation of destabilizing factors;
  • Detection of manifested destabilizing factors;
  • Prevention of influence of the revealed destabilizing factors on the protected information;
  • Detection of the impact of destabilizing factors;
  • Localization of the impact of destabilizing factors;
  • Elimination of the consequences of the localized impact of destabilizing factors.

Taking this into account, the task of information protection can be formulated as an optimization one: to define a list of measures in which a given level of protection is ensured at a minimal cost. Another formulation is also possible: to achieve the highest possible level of information security at a certain level of protection costs. Implementation of protection functions is achieved by solving protection problems. Must have the ability, if necessary, to automatically force the user to change their password on first access after creating an account and on first access after resetting the password.

Information Security Tasks of Data Room Providers

All tasks necessary for the implementation of security functions on can be grouped into classes:

  1. Introduction of redundancy of system elements;
  2. Redundancy of system elements;
  3. Regulation of access to system elements;
  4. Regulation of the use of system elements;
  5. Information disguise;
  6. Control of system elements;
  7. Registration of information;
  8. Destruction of information;
  9. Alarm;
  10. Response.

Until now, the problem of assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of protection functions by solving a specific protection problem has not been solved. Consider the basic tools used to create protection mechanisms. All means of protection are divided into formal (performing protective functions strictly according to a predetermined procedure without direct human participation) and informal (determined by purposeful human activity or regulated this activity). Technical means are implemented in the form of electrical, electromechanical, and electronic devices. The whole set of technical means is divided into hardware and physical. A customer-oriented service message and a misuse warning must be displayed on the initial input screen prior to allowing any logical access. The equipment must support a minimum message length. A default message should be provided.

Data room providers are software specifically designed to perform information security functions. The aforementioned means formed the basis of protection mechanisms in the first phase of communication security in telecommunication channels. At the same time, it was believed that the main means of protection are software. Initially, software protection mechanisms were included, as a rule, in the composition of operating systems that control computers, or database management systems. The practice has shown that the reliability of such protection mechanisms is clearly insufficient. Password protection turned out to be a particularly weak link. Therefore, in the future, the protection mechanisms became more and more complex, with the involvement of other means of ensuring security.